Shoutbox rules

Some rules to consider, when using the shoutbox:

  • The written language is english
  • Questions or (ZTE) phone specific topics should be posted in our forums*
  • Respect other users, be nice to each other
  • No offensive language including swearing
  • No racism
  • No spamming
  • No advertising (e.g. links to other pages, promotions, referral links, ad links)
  • No links to inappropriate or illegal content (e.g. pornography, illegal drugs)

In case of violations, you will be banned from our shoutbox or temporarily banned from our forums. Repeated violations may result in a permanent ban.

*That is, what they are there for. Text that was posted some day at some time in a chat will probably never show up again. Answers in forums can be found using search engines or the built-in search from our forum software. That is much easier for new users and we (or you) don't have to answer everything multiple times.